On track for BMX makeover


The makeover of the once-popular BMX track on Old Mill Rd is set to begin this weekend.

Local man Leighton Selfe is behind the old BMX track’s makeover.

Mr Selfe, who was an avid BMX rider in his day, said it was sad seeing the track in its current state.

“It’s been like this for about five years and it upsets me. A group said they’d do it up and nothing has happened, and I love my BMX and see plenty of opportunities for the sport if the track is rebuilt, so I made a few phone calls to get things going.”

It all started with a phone call to the council. Now work is set to begin Mr Selfe would love to thank the Mayor Gary Kircher, Eric van der Spek and Mike Kwant for their help.

Mr Selfe said doing up the track would provide many opportunities to local children.

“BMX is no more here in Oamaru and it’s disappointing. This track was one of the best in the country a few years ago and we want to do it up again because it will give the children somewhere to ride their bikes.”

It’s hoped if the weather stays good and everything goes to plan then the track could rideable by Christmas or the new year.

“If we take our time and the small group of us that are working on it get it right then we hope to have a quality track in about a year’s time, then hopefully the Dunedin and South Canterbury BMX groups will hear about the track and come and use it,” he said.

It will be a BMX track not a jump park, with a couple of good-sized jumps integrated into the new track.

Mr Selfe said the makeover wouldn’t be happening if local businesses hadn’t jumped on board to help out so quickly.

“I want to thank North Otago Road Metals, MCM Contracting, Laser Plumbing, STIHL Shop, Oamaru Shingle Supplies and MJ Island Signs for offering to help in some way.”

With the help of Chris Manson, Mr Selfe is confident a quality jump will be made.

Mr Selfe said everything was planned apart from the painting and the jump.

“We need to get it all cleared and to the specifications of BMX New Zealand and some paint for the old toilets and shed on the property.”

By Brayden Lindsay

PHOTO: BRAYDEN LINDSAY – Leighton Selfe at the BMX track which is set to receive a major overhaul.trace affiliate linkMens Flynit Trainers