Pretty in pink . . . Omarama School pupils and principal Kim McKenzie dressed in pink to support International Pink Shirt Day on Friday. PHOTO: DANIEL BIRCHFIELD

Omarama had something of a pink tinge last week, thanks to two fundraisers in the Waitaki Valley town.

A pink ribbon brunch was held at the Boots and Jandals Hotel to raise funds for breast cancer research, while at Omarama School, pupils and staff took part in International Pink Shirt Day.

About 30 people attended the brunch, where local nurse Tracy Young told those gathered the first step in any battle against breast cancer was to “speak up” as soon as any sign of the disease was found.

She said many people had benefited from fundraisers, and were especially grateful for events which helped to fund research.

Meanwhile, Omarama School principal Kim McKenzie said all of the school’s 37 pupils wore some form of pink, or white and red, on Friday.

Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 after two pupils who had seen one of their classmates bullied for wearing pink bought pink t-shirts for everyone to wear the next day.

News of their stand spread and resulted in hundreds wearing pink to show they stood against bullying.

New Zealand adopted the campaign in 2009.

“I’d been thinking about doing it, but one of our pupils from room four, Poppy Radford, had seen it on TV and said it would be a really great thing for us to do,” Mrs McKenzie said.

“Because it was her inspiration, I thought we’d run with it.”

She said bullying was not a major problem at the school, but staff and pupils still wanted to support other schools where it was an issue.

“I think it’s important we stand up and accept it does happen and say no to bullying. I think it’s really positive that we stand up and support schools where it does.”

The day was about awareness and not fundraising, she said.Running sport medianike fashion