rowing for good . . . Rotary Club members Gordon Martin (left) and Cara Tipping-Smith, along with Sophia Leon de la Barra and Ra McRostie, from the Waitaki Community Gardens, show off pumpkin seedlings which will be grown for a major new project. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

Pumpkin soup will be on the menu.

The Rotary Club of Oamaru and the Waitaki Community Gardens are inviting people to take part in a mass pumpkin-growing project.

The aim of the exercise is to grow pumpkins to be made into soup and distributed to the community.

Soup will be shared among organisations including the Oamaru Food Bank and the Oamaru Hospital.

Rotary club member Gordon Martin was excited to be involved in the project.

“What we’re basically setting out to do is grow hundreds of pumpkins,” he said.

Mr Martin grew at least 250 pumpkin seedlings to prepare for the project.

“Pumpkin planting is fast approaching, and we are inviting anyone with green fingers to help us make this happen.”

There were many people keen on the project, he said.

The Rotary Club of Waimate was also involved.

An open day for people to pick up pumpkin seedlings will be held at the Waitaki Community Gardens on Saturday, October 6, from 10am to 1pm.

On the day, people can also purchase a variety of other seedlings.

Rotary Club member Cara Tipping-Smith thought pumpkin-growing would be good for the community.

“I think people love the idea of being able to do something that’s quite simple, but that’s going to have lots of community good down the track,” Ms Tipping-Smith said.

“There’s no effort for the community – they just have to grow a pumpkin, give it back to Rotary, and Rotary will take care of all the soup-making and distribution.”

Waitaki Community Gardens manager Sophia Leon de la Barra also liked the idea.

“It’s quite a nice concept to have people growing goodness in their backyards across the district,” she said.

Anyone wanting to take part on the open day can contact Mr Martin on 434-4492.url cloneM2k Tekno