Top of the morning to you . . . Fat Sally’s Pub and Restaurant owner Sally-Ann Donnelly and waitress Alex Campbell celebrate St Patrick’s Day. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

A dash of green and a whole lot of Guinness is enough to keep punters happy on St Patrick’s Day.

Fat Sally’s Pub and Restaurant hosted its annual festivities last Thursday.

Staff added a splash of green to their uniforms and the pub was decorated with green clovers, balloons and leprechaun hats, and had a custom›made photo frame for people to take photos in.

Oamaru couple Noel and Maureen Bradshaw pulled on their best green attire and settled in for a pint of Guinness — a personal favourite of Mr Bradshaw’s.

‘‘I’ve always loved a stout,’’ he said.

Together the pair had many green outfits to choose from, and Mrs Bradshaw’s connection to the day was special, as her grandfather was Irish.

The couple went out every year for the event, and Mrs Bradshaw said she loved the music.

‘‘We enjoy it. It’s something different, we like getting out and meeting people,’’ she said.

The Alpaca Social Club, which played a gig at the Grainstore Gallery the same night, wandered into Fat Sally’s asking if they could play. Fat Sally’s owner Sally› Ann Donnelly said the band was great and everyone loved having them play.

She organised a green› themed menu, complete with Irish food and green drinks, and was grateful to all the people who came along.

‘‘We’re really lucky.’’