Star pupil . . . Language Perfect gold award winner Sai Sukumar (front centre), of Waitaki Girls' High School, shows her certificate to fellow pupils (back, from left) Olivia Belt, Jamie Shearmon and Jayda Loper, and (front, from left) Tyla Willans and Annah Brown. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Several Waitaki Girls’ High School pupils showed off their foreign language skills at the recent Language Perfect world championships.

The annual online language competition is part of the Education Perfect World Series, where schools from around the world compete in languages, social sciences, maths, English and science events.

Pupils can earn points and certificates and win prizes in each individual event, while all events contribute towards school and pupil totals for the overall world series.

In Language Perfect, pupils earn points by correctly translating between their target language and English.

Fourteen languages – including Maori, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Latin and Arabic – are part of the competition.

In the German section, Waitaki Girls’ placed first in New Zealand for schools that entered between 51 and 100 pupils, and third in the world for the same category out of 130 schools.

Overall, Waitaki Girls’ was 36th out of 188 schools.

Four pupils – Sai Sukumar, Simran Sadler, Jessica Cunningham and Alicia Cairns – gained gold awards for achieving 3000 points, which put them in the top 2%.

Sinamoni Sikei, Jamie Shearmon and Tegan McIntosh won silver awards, which put them in the top 5%.

Waitaki Girls’ head of languages and German teacher Jackie Grant said those who took part had performed well.

“The girls enjoy learning vocabulary and language skills this way because of the competitive element. Through success in last year’s competition, Simran Sadler was offered a scholarship enabling her to spend three months in Germany.

“The school is extremely proud of the girls’ achievements.”

More than 350,000 secondary school pupils from around the world took part in Language Perfect this year.short url linkGirls Air Jordan