Rabbits missing from kindy


Two of Oamaru Kindergarten’s most prized possesions were stolen at the weekend.

Casa Nova Kindergarten children suffered some sad news yesterday morning when they were told two of their newest additions were stolen over the weekend.

The Kindy’s pet rabbit Bluebell had three baby rabbits around three weeks ago, however on Friday night two of the babies were stolen from the kindergarten.

Casa Nova Kindergarten head teacher Sarah Newlands said the children would love to see the rabbits returned.

“It taught them how to care for them and learn how to raise a pet.

“I would just love for whoever stole them to return them, if they are still alive, or let us know what happened to them.”

Mrs Newlands said realistically the bunnies were too young to be apart from their mother because they needed their mother’s milk, unless the people who stole them were hand-feeding them.

“The bunnies won’t survive if they have been stolen by people who have no intention to look after them. They are too young.”

The two baby rabbits stolen were named Buttercup (a grey bunny) and Sleepy (a brown bunny).

The children at Casa Nova said they missed they baby rabbits because they were soft and friendly.


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