Replacement sign unveiled


A Pride in Kakanui sign, to replace one stolen within two days of being unveiled last week, was revealed on Thursday.
About 120 people, including members of the public and schoolchildren, were involved in creating the original sign, which showed the 850sq km catchment’s boundary and the environmental and recreational opportunities in the area.
The sign cost about $500, as part of a largely Government-funded project to improve water quality, reduce soil erosion and increase biodiversity in the Kakanui River.
The bolts that attached the 820mm by 1120mm map to the galvanised steel structure were removed and the sign taken last Friday or Saturday night.
The first sign was raised last Tuesday, and unveiled by Kakanui School pupils on Thursday.
The Kakanui Community Catchment project was involved with the project.
Co-ordinator Nicola Holmes said the theft of the sign from the town’s Harbour Tce playground, was an “up yours” to the community and “disrespectful”.
However, she was pleased the sign had been quickly replaced.
“It’s for the community and visitors and how important the river is and how valuable it is … and how to protect and value it. The more people that know about these things, the more they can value things in their backyard.”
Similar signs have been unveiled at Clifton Falls and at Gemmells Crossing.
The fourth and final sign will be unveiled at Enfield, next to the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail, on September 11.

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