Retirement village right on track


Work at the site of the Observatory Retirement Village is well on track and the once-barren site is now humming with activity.
When completed, the $22million facility overlooking Oamaru will cover an area of about 4000sq m, made up of a 1000sq m apartment building, a 1700sq m, 41-bed care facility, and a 1000sq m community wing.
Project manager Michael Forgie said construction had progressed well in recent weeks.
“It’s going well. So far, until today [Monday], the run of weather has been unbelievable and has enabled progress better than anticipated. We’re on programme and we’ve only lost one and a-half days to inclement weather since we started … we haven’t really had any issues.”A roof has been completed on the facility’s apartment block, which will comprise 12 apartments.
The community wing is also taking shape. The wing, which will feature a hair salon, meeting room, chapel, laundry, kitchen, community lounge, and nurses’ rooms, has been framed and the trusses are ready to go up.
Infrastructure which will be part of the Stoke St extension is also on site and ready to be installed, while electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and alarm services have been installed in the eight single and four double apartments.
Stoke St will be extended into a loop road which will link the existing road to the retirement village, making all areas of the facility easier to access for residents and visitors.
Bulk excavation of the road was nearing completion, while Mr Forgie said road works proper were about to start.
Mr Forgie said the contractors on the site, from Oamaru’s Roger Gilchrist Building Services, had done a “fine job”.
“Hopefully, they are motivated by the fact it’s a community-driven project … I think we have a good line of communication between the directors, ourselves, the contractors and the consultants themselves, obviously. It’s keeping everyone ticking along.”Observatory Retirement Village Trust chairman Ken Scott was happy with how the site had taken shape, and said the trust had received many inquiries from people interested in space.
“As far as the trust is concerned, we are very happy with the progress,” Mr Scott said.
He said it was likely construction on villas would start in December.
“A good number have indicated interested in the site _ it’s actually over 70 at this stage. We’ve always been confident it would be very popular, hence the interest that’s been shown so far.”jordan release dateAir Jordan