Just in time for Christmas . . . Riverstone Kitchen chef Bevan Smith (centre), designer Kathryn Swann (left) and photographer Emma Willetts (right) celebrate the launch of the new book Riverstone Kitchen Modern-Day Classics. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Since Riverstone Kitchen opened in 2006, a lot of great recipes have appeared on its menus.

Over the years, most of those recipes, even the good ones, have been tweaked, adjusted or simplified – and now chef Bevan Smith has brought 90 of the most popular and requested ones together in a new book.

Good food did not go out of fashion, Mr Smith said, and customers regularly asked for many of the recipes to try themselves.

The response: “Yes, it was in our first book, but sorry it’s out of print” began to wear a little thin, he said.

Riverstone Kitchen Modern-Day Classics was officially released last Friday.

“There are some old favourites from the first two books that are now out of print, revised and updated, and newer recipes that have created their own cult following in more recent times,” Mr Smith said.

“All the favourites that help make Riverstone what it is today.”

Mr Smith, designer Kathryn Swann and photographer Emma Willetts have been working on the book for the past three and a-half months.

It is his fourth cookbook, and the second he has self-published.

“It’s a really good team, and whilst it’s been hard work, it is very satisfying to see the end product and we are proud of what we have achieved,” he said.

This book is smaller in format than the previous three Riverstone Kitchen cookbooks, and has a hardcover “to give it a longer life as we know how cookbooks can take a beating”, Mr Smith said.

“Inspiration for the book was to bring together recipes that we love and those recipes that we go back to time again and again because they always deliver.

“Honest food that comforts and inspires.”

This week, Mr Smith has been sending copies of the book all around New Zealand, while still taking care of everything at Riverstone Kitchen. He will also be at Riverstone Larder in Harbour St from 5pm to 6pm today for a book-signing.

After the restaurant’s last day of trading for the year on December 23, he is looking forward to taking a break with loved ones and family.jordan release dateMens Sneakers Online