Roll up for a magical mystery tour . . .


A car rally that differs from your usual “point A to point B” itinerary leaves Oamaru on Saturday morning.
The Southern Crawl Classic Car Rally, which has been run annually for the last 34 years, is interesting in the fact that drivers don’t know where they’ll end up at the end of the day.
Another intriguing aspect is that the driver who gains the most points on the day, allocated throughout the rally’s four stages, is tasked with organising next year’s event.
That job fell this year to Dunedin-based Andy Ruddenklau, who said more than 70 sports, classic and exotic cars would take part.
“It’s a day excursion … the nature of it is it’s a mystery tour, and the drivers end up at some unknown destination for the prize giving.
“Every year, it’s started at a different place and ends at a different place. It’s specifically Christchurch south.
“Usually, when you drive somewhere, you’re in the mindset where you know where you have to go and how to get there. But here, you don’t know if you’re going north, south, east or west.”
He said drivers were given a series of “semi, sort of cryptic clues” along the way.
They were also provided with emergency instructions to the final destination if their navigational skills let them down on the back-country roads on which the rally was staged.
Vehicles leave Scott’s Brewery at 8am on Saturday.latest Running SneakersGirls Air Jordan