RSAs urging pupils to enter speech contest


A high school pupil from North Otago has the chance to win themselves a trip to Gallipoli in 2015 to be a part of the 100th year commemorations.

RSAs throughout North Otago are encouraging year 11 and 12 pupils to take part in the 2015 Cyril Bassett VC Secondary Schools Speech Competition.

The speech competition happens every year and in 2015 there is a great incentive for students school pupils to enter.

Usually it is just the national winner who gets treated to a six-day trip to Gallipoli, but with the 100th year commemorations, the RNZRSA has decided to reward all of the regional winners as well.

Otago Southland District RSA vice-president Michael Blackstock said he’d love to see pupils participating.

“We had three people take part in the competition last year and we would love to see some more people enter so it gives someone from the region the best chance of winning the regional final.”

Last year there were representatives from Waitaki Boys’ High School, St Kevin’s College and East Otago High School.

Mr Blackstock is hoping that there will be at least one participant from each of the high schools.

“We’d love to see someone from each high school take part, but we just have to see what happens,” he said.

The competition is always strong and the schools have always entered, but Mr Blackstock said entering more people next year is important.

“We are promoting this early so schools can in early and find some pupils who would be keen to enter and then get them organised so come speech time next March they are all ready to go and will have the best possible chance of winning.”

He was confident pupils would enter the competition.

“I know that they will enter. Yhe trip to Gallipoli will be enough incentive for them.”


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