Rubbish mounts at Campbell Bay


An upset Kakanui resident is pleading with the Waitaki District Council to be more proactive when it comes to the issue of rubbish being dumped at Campbell Bay Reserve.
The reserve, south of Oamaru, is a popular destination for freedom campers.
This summer. there has been a large increase in the number of people camping in the area, which has put pressure on the reserve’s already limited rubbish facilities.
The local resident, who did not wish to be named, said on Monday he noticed plastic bags filled with rubbish, and beer and pizza boxes, dumped at the base of the reserve’s single rubbish bin.
A complaint was laid with the council the same day and the rubbish was collected.
“It does gather up quite a bit and it usually stays there for four or five days before it’s gathered. The council, I think, needs to do something … like remove the rubbish every day,” the resident said.
Waitaki District Council regulatory services manager Lichelle Guyan confirmed the council had received complaints about the dumping of rubbish in the area, and was aware of an increase in rubbish in the Kakanui area this summer.
She said the council had taken steps to address the problem.
“The bins at Kakanui are cleared three days per week. However, as a result of this increased activity, our contractor is checking them more frequently. “The increased usage is most likely linked to camping but we’re also seeing some domestic rubbish.”The concerned resident believed the council needed to be more proactive in its approach towards people camping in the area who dumped rubbish. However, he accepted not all campers were guilty.
“The council should do something about the freedom campers _ get them out of Oamaru or charge them for the facilities.
“They park up there wherever they want to. If the council can put up a sign that says for them to take their bloody rubbish away, that would be great. I’m sure not all campers are the same, but it’s not nice.
“There’s only one bin … it’s going to be a nest of rats and mice if it carries on.”Mrs Guyan said the council did attempt to identify those responsible for dumping rubbish.
“When rubbish is dumped, council looks for information that might identify an individual or group,” she said.
“If they can be identified, our enforcement officer makes contact and an infringement may be issued.”She said the council was about to commence a review of its general bylaw, which would consider issues around rubbish bins, camping and freedom camping.
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