Savings for sports clubs


$20,000 less in power bills


Three Oamaru sporting organisations are set to save about $20,000 on electricity bills after a visit from the LiteClub.
The organisation helps grassroots sports clubs save money and reduce their environmental impact by fitting clubrooms with low-energy LED lighting, water-saving devices, hot-water cylinder wraps and indoor recycling bins.
A free service, it is funded by the Ministry for the Environment, the New Zealand Community Trust, the Southern Trust and the Rata Foundation.
LiteClub staff Claire Keeling and Maike Poggel were in Oamaru recently and visited the North Otago Hockey Association’s recently opened pavilion, the Oamaru Squash and Badminton Club, and the Union Cricket Club.
In total, 33 light bulbs were replaced with more energy-efficient LED bulbs at the squash and badminton club, which should save about $11,411 over the 15-year life of the bulbs, while eight water-saving cistern weights were fitted to single-flush toilets, which will conserve 80,000 litres of water annually.
At the cricket club, 15 LED bulbs and two cistern weights were installed, with expected electricity savings of $4493 and 20,000 litres of water annually.
Eleven LED bulbs and seven aerators, fitted to mixer taps in bathrooms, were installed at the hockey pavilion. The aerators will conserve 70,000
litres of water per year, and the bulbs will save about $2929 annually.
North Otago Hockey Association administrator Julie Cunningham was pleased the association would be able to save some money, especially with plans in place to replace the turf’s surface, which will cost about $350,000.
‘‘We are hoping to have a new surface down in 2017, so any money we can save to go to that would be great,’’ Cunningham said.
LiteClub head of operations Sam MacLean said small savings could go a long way for local sports clubs.
‘‘By spending less on utilities that don’t directly benefit grassroots sport, money can go back into coaching, player development and buying new gear.
‘‘Clubs are usually cash-strapped and run by busy volunteers who don’t have the time or money to make these changes.’’
Since 2011, LiteClub has visited about 680 clubs across New Zealand

Cost cutting . . . LiteClub’s Maike Poggel installs an energyefficientLED light bulb at the North Otago Hockey Association pavilion.
Cost cutting . . . LiteClub’s Maike Poggel installs an energyefficient
LED light bulb at the North Otago Hockey Association pavilion.
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