Scary dog experience for young paperboy


Oamaru Mail paperboy Jac Gibson suffered a frightening experience when out delivering papers on Trent St yesterday morning.

Jac was out on his usual paper run when two Yorkshire terriers and a Staffordshire bull terrier confronted him.

“I was really frightened,” he said. “They just came up from behind me. I knew the Yorkshire terriers wouldn’t hurt me; they were just jumping up and down, but the Staffordshire bull terrier was growling so I stood still.”

Jac said he had never had this happen before, but would continue to do his paper run.

The Staffordshire bull terrier was only about 60cm tall and about 60cm long, but Jack knew it was scary.

“I just tried to stay as still as possible. I was really scared, but two neighbours who were out waiting for their papers came and scared the dog away.”

Jac’s mother Chrissy Easton said she was thankful Jac had been brought up around dogs.

“Being brought up around dogs helped as it meant he knew what to do when the bull terrier started growling.”

She is also incredibly thankful for the neighbours who came to help.

“Thank you to the neighbours for scaring the dog off. I’m just lucky Jac knew what to do. If it was another paper boy who didn’t know what to do then the result may have been different.”


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