Covid has struck again, with the postponement of Weston School Fireworks for a third time, due to the pandemic.

Timing has not been on the side of Weston Home and School, which has had to cancel the November 2020 and 2021 dates, and now the March 25 date. A new date of November 4 this year has been set.

School principal Deidre Senior said it was disappointing for all involved to have to cancel again.

‘‘It is disappointing for the organising committee who have done all the hard work, the community who always enjoy this event, and of course our students, who miss out on the benefits that this fundraiser brings.’’

She was grateful for the work all parents, but especially the organisers, put into preparing and running the event.

‘‘Not only is it an event that is a significant fundraiser for our school, but it’s an event that brings everyone together. Obviously under current Covid restrictions, this just can’t happen,’’ Mrs Senior said.

‘‘Our major school fundraiser has now been cancelled on three occasions, which makes it difficult for everyone.

‘‘Here’s hoping for a big event in November to enable us to celebrate all being together again.’’

Home and School president Kate Webster said the committee met last week, with a ‘‘strong focus’’ on how to achieve fundraising goals and commitments with the Covid risk, and restrictions in place.

‘‘It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but we felt it was increasingly important to keep focused on what we can do, rather than what we can’t.

‘‘So rather than big fundraisers, we are looking at smaller, more achievable ones. The benefit of fundraising is it can bring a community together, which feels lacking at the moment in these times.’’