Big winner .. Omarama School. PHOTO: ALLIED PRESS FILES

Omarama School is the big winner from the latest round of funding for the Waitaki district announced by the Otago Community Trust.

The school has been donated $5000 to go towards a project to revitalise its swimming pool, which is need of repair.

Omarama School principal Kim McKenzie said the work on the pool, widely used by school pupils and the wider community, involved the removal of existing coatings on its inside and exterior, before the pool was waterproofed and painted with epoxy.

Structural repairs would also be carried out.

Mrs McKenzie said the project would cost about $16,000.

She was delighted with the trust’s contribution towards the project, which she described as a “major overhaul”.

“We’re very pleased to have received the money so that the community and the children here can continue to swim and learn to swim which is very important, especially when New Zealand is surrounded by water and we have so many lakes and things near us in Omarama.”

She said Foodstuffs and the Meridian Energy’s community fund scheme had also donated money towards the project.

Meanwhile, the Katiki Point Penguin Rescue Trust was given $4000 by the Otago Community Trust to help with the purchase and installation of a walk-in freezer to store frozen fish to feed penguins being looked after at the trust’s rehabilitation facility at Moeraki.latest Runningnike fashion