Spruced up . . . East Otago High school property manager Gary Johnston stands in front of one of the walls of the school that has recently been coated in fresh paint. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

East Otago High school is looking sharp.

The school has been busy sprucing up some of its buildings.

So far, two blocks have been painted, and two more will be painted around the same time next year.

Contractors started and finished painting the blocks in January, before the school year started.

Property manager Gary Johnston and school principal Lennox Sharp were glad to see the school finally getting some much-needed improvements.

The paint helped give it a modern look.

Mr Sharp was surprised at how quickly the contractors had got the painting done.

“It’s amazing what they can get done. It looks much more modern,” he said.

Mr Sharp said the new look had been well received by the pupils and the community.

Over the last three years, the school has had “significant” redevelopment, including an upgrade of electrical work.

The extensive upgrades were part of the school’s cyclical maintenance programme.

The school’s swimming pool would also be upgraded later in the year.

Steel portal frames around the swimming pool would be getting painted, while the roof would be sprayed for moss and lichen.

“It would be nice to be able to keep doing things but we’ve probably had our share for a while,” Mr Johnston joked.

It felt good to admire the new look of part of the school, he said.

“It was really due for a facelift.

“You don’t realise how bad it was, until you see all of the new stuff done.”Sports brandsUpdated Air Jordan Sneaker Releases for 2021