Exciting time . . . Organisers Jeremy Holding (left), Helen Algar and police sergeant Tony Woodbridge look forward to the scooter competition that will be held at the Oamaru Skate Park tomorrow. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

A scooter competition and family fun day will roll into the Oamaru Skate Park tomorrow.

The event is a Safer Waitaki collaboration with the Waitaki District Council and the police, and has been organised by Cr Jeremy Holding, Helen Algar and Sergeant Tony Woodbridge.

Sgt Woodbridge said he was excited about the event and the opportunity to see a lot of scooter enthusiasts strutting their stuff.

“There are a lot of very talented kids who are very passionate about scootering down there.”

A big attraction will be the presence of professional scooter riders Thomas Fitzgerald-Grout and Makaia Day-Brown, who will show off their skills to the crowd.

It was hoped the event could encourage families to take their children to the skate park, Sgt Woodbridge said.

“We’re trying to encourage families to go down there as well. Not just the kids – we want parents to go down and see what their kids are doing.”

He had recently seen an increase in parents taking their children to the park.

“Parents are actually going down and watching their kids, and that’s huge to the children.”

Using scooters had become a popular way for children to get around town, he said.

“It’s a real popular thing, scootering, at the moment. Every kid seems to have them – they are all scootering to school on them and even some parents give it a go.”

Sgt Woodbridge hoped to see as many children as possible turn up to the event.

“The more kids the merrier, really.”

Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher was also optimistic about the event.

“It’s a great initiative,’ he said.

“There’s been a bit of controversy around the skate park in recent times and it’s good to see a great family event happening there that will bring the community together.”

The skate park has had some bad press following several bullying and assault incidents over the summer, but it remains a key recreational facility in the town and the scooter competition will emphasise the park is aimed at families.

Keen scooters can enter the competition in three age groups: 11 and under, 12 to 15, and 15 and over.

The competition will start at 11am and finish at Running shoes brandNIKE HOMME