Pie time . . . Moa Bakery, Cakery owner Jane Thompson puts filling in one of her pies that will be entered into the first Supreme Vegan Pie Competition which will be judged on November 1. PHOTO: DANIEL BIRCHFIELD

Jane Thompson might do pretty well at the inaugural Supreme Vegan Pie Competition – a fortune cookie told her so.

The owner of Moa Bakery, Cakery in Arun St will enter two pies in the competition, which will be judged on World Vegan Day on November 1.

The competition has been established by the Vegan Society of New Zealand to acknowledge the large number of vegan pie options around the country, from exclusively vegan bakeries to the pie warmers at service stations, formerly the domain of the likes of the humble steak and cheese delicacy.

Ms Thompson, who has been creating pies for about six months with the help of her mother, Mary, will enter two pies – one Jamaican lentil and the other Thai green curry, jackfruit and vegetable.

Without giving too much away, she said the former was a slow-cooked lentil pie with a “slightly Caribbean twist” and “sweet kind of spices” that would resemble a stew-like consistency.

The other would be a “less soupy” version of Thai green curry.

She said jackfruit would add a different dimension to the pie.

“Jackfruit is not really sweet, so it can be used in savoury dishes. Some people use it as a meat substitute.”

The fillings of each pie will be encased in gluten-free pastry.

Ms Thompson said she had not considered entering the awards until a friend encouraged her to, which was followed by advice from an unlikely source.

“I opened some Good Fortune Coffee and inside is a fortune cookie. The one that I got said, ‘You will get a big award or a prize’ .. so that’s where that came from.”

She said vegans who would previously never have eaten a pie could now do just that, given the options that were available.

Vegan Society national co-ordinator Amanda Sorrenson said the organisation was giving the Kiwi staple a modern makeover.

“Plant-based pies are becoming popular for all sorts of reasons. Many Kiwis are cutting down their intake of animal products and are seeking new and exciting flavours, as well as healthier, kinder food options.”

Pie will be judged across seven categories – vegan steak and cheese, vegan mince and cheese, vegan chicken, fruit, cafe boutique, vegetable, and gluten-free.

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