Seminar aims to help your elder-powers flower


An online seminar appealing to “curious women” is attracting plenty of interest.

“Activate your Elder-Powers” was scheduled to take place in the Oamaru Opera House in late March, but was scuppered by Covid-19 restrictions.

However, facilitator Amanda Fleming is not easily put off and has now organised a virtual version.

Elder-powers are the abilities and wisdom gleaned by women who have reached their 60s and beyond. They might not be acknowledged or celebrated, but they were “transformative”, Ms Fleming said.

Born and raised in Dunedin, she joined the police and spent three decades in the North Island. She has years of experience as a personal development specialist and author.

Ms Fleming shifted to Oamaru in December in a move she said felt “profoundly right”.

“Once I turned 60, I began to think what it is to become an elder.

“There’s a spiritual element present – you’re no longer sucked under by the drama of it.

“Good stuff takes time.”

A lot of women near the end of their working lives could be made redundant after the Covid-19 outbreak, she said.

“It will be the youthful 30- and 40-somethings shaping the future.

“We need a relevant body of elders out there.”

They could perhaps be mentors to younger people.

“It’s an inquiry. We know we have powers; we have to activate them. What might we do?”

Anyone interested was welcome to register for the free 90-minute webinar at

It will take place from 10.30am on May 13.latest RunningShoes Nike Kobe 11