On the road again . . . North Otago Vintage Car Club stalwarts John Adamson (left) and Charlie Walsh will have a tough time choosing which vintage car to take on the road for tomorrow's All British Rally. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Two North Otago Vintage Car Club members have clocked more miles than most – and they are still going.

John Adamson and Charlie Walsh are taking part in the club’s All British Rally tomorrow.

The rally coincides with the club’s 60th anniversary and Mr Adamson will be presented with a badge for his 60 years of service.

Mr Walsh was not far behind him, and would receive a 50 year badge.

Mr Adamson, who alongside Ivan Main was the club’s only surviving foundation member, joined to engage in his keen interest in cars.

He had owned nine vehicles throughout the years – he bought a 1916 Overland 15 months ago – but it was not the cars that came to his mind, it was the people.

“We’ve got to know some really decent jokers over the years,” Mr Adamson said.

When he joined the club there were about 25 members at the first meeting, and now there were nearly 130 club members.

“You don’t have to have an old car to be a member.”

Mr Walsh felt the same – it was the people who made being part of the club, and rallies, worth it.

“It’s been most enjoyable. It’s people with similar interests that are going along,” he said.

They had each been to international rallies and travelled throughout South Canterbury, Otago and Southland.

Tomorrow’s rally had been opened to all models, not just British cars, and those other vehicles would take part in an “all comers section”.

All vehicles were welcome to take part, not just cars, and there were two different routes to cater for all types.

The day would conclude with a 60th celebration dinner, at which the long service badges would be presented.