All dressed up . . . Peyton Tolchard with her dress collection which she rents out through her online business Rent for an Event. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

For Pembroke School teacher and business owner Peyton Tolchard, busier is better.

For most teachers, being in charge of a class of children, and the after-school work that entails, is more than enough to fill their days. But Miss Tolchard is not like most teachers.

“I definitely don’t need more work on top of teaching, that keeps me very busy. But that’s just it, I love being busy,” she said.

Miss Tolchard moved to Oamaru from Christchurch as a high schooler and although she describes herself as a “big city girl at heart”, she chose to move back here after university, because she loves the community feel of a smaller town.

“I love being able to walk down the street and see plenty of people I know and interact with others. You definitely don’t get that in a big city.”

Miss Tolchard’s first foray into business, Rent for an Event, is a dress hire business she began at university.

“There were always events on that my friends and I would attend. It’s very common not to want to wear the same dress twice so we would swap around our outfits and borrow others,” she said.

“Designer dresses can be very expensive and not exactly the price range for uni students, so I knew there was definitely a market for it.

“I had a part-time job at uni and I saved up and bought expensive designer items that I could rent to others at a fraction of the price. It went really well so I carried on.

“For the first two years, all the profit went back into buying more and more dresses and now I stock 170-plus items in a range of sizes.”

The dresses come from overseas as well as New Zealand designers, and all Miss Tolchard’s advertising is done through social media.

That allowed her to rent garments to people all around New Zealand.

The business has more than 7000 followers on Instagram.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Miss Tolchard and her lockdown mate Hayley Lawrence found themselves with some unexpected spare time on their hands, and so business number two, HEY Blooms, was born.

Business is blooming . . . Hayley Lawrence and Peyton Tolchard with examples of what they offer through their new business HEY Blooms. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“HEY blooms just started as a hobby. Hayley and I originally just dried flowers to make some arrangements for ourselves, and it all started from there.”

They have since diversified into making wreaths and glass domes and have an Instagram following of almost 3000 and climbing.

Miss Tolchard said she would definitely describe herself as driven.

“I have always had big ambitions and I really want to be successful for my future. I would like to think I always have been, but some of my school teachers may not agree.”

In her spare time – and she is adamant she does have some – the 23-year-old enjoys spending time with family and friends and is also adding home renovations to her list of talents.

“So that will hopefully keep me busy for a while.

“I love travelling too, so once Covid has done its dash I will be on an aeroplane for sure.”

As for the future? She is not sure, but things are looking bright.

“I like to take life as it comes, so I’m interested and excited for the opportunities that will be thrown at me.”Sports NewsNike