Staffing survey valuable tool


If you want to do one thing today to improve your business, take five minutes to answer a survey, Waitaki Business South navigator Rebecca Finlay says.

Business South wants to hear from all employers and business managers in the Waitaki district about their staffing problems, in order to know how best to do something about it.

Mrs Finlay, who recently started in the role, hopes to gain a greater understanding of what the immediate and mid-term labour issues are in the district, and look into ways of fixing them.

‘‘Whether that’s assisting with training, liaising with Workbridge and Winz, helping older people stay in the workforce, or looking at flexibility with employment,’’ she said.

The idea came from an informal ‘‘gettogether’’ of some local business leaders, who between them had 150 staffing vacancies that needed filling.

‘‘That spawned this survey — to go ‘OK, well if that’s happening around this table, then what’s happening around the district? And what is that doing to cut the productivity and the flourishing of the Waitaki, which has all these fantastic businesses and opportunities? How stymied are we, by the lack of staff?’.’’

The survey needed to be completed by 5pm today and the better the response, the more valuable the results would be, she said.

‘‘It will be of huge value to get as many businesses as possible responding, to give us a really accurate picture of what’s going on in our district, and that puts us in a strong lobby position.’’

The survey had been emailed to members of Business South, the Oamaru Business Collective, Stronger Waitaki, Federated Farmers and Beef + Lamb. Anyone who had not received an email, and would like to fill out the survey could do so by visiting or following the link on The Business Hive Facebook page.