Happy to help . . . Veterinary Centre Oamaru surgeon Sarah Boys (right) operates on a dog, under the care of head vet nurse Jolene Topping. PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

Dog-owners have a new option for restoring their best friends to full mobility.

The Veterinary Centre in Oamaru is offering surgery for cruciate ligament ruptures, technically known as the tibial crest advancement or TTA procedure.

The cranial cruciate ligament, known as the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL in humans, is an important part of the knee joint. Tearing or rupture of this ligament is the most common orthopaedic problem that vets see in dogs.

“It can be extremely debilitating,” veterinarian Sarah Boys said.

She completed her training in the procedure in March and has performed it many times in the Oamaru clinic. She is thrilled with the results.

“It’s been going so well. It makes an amazing difference.”

The TTA procedure involves making a cut in the front of the shin bone, moving it further forward, then inserting a titanium implant made by a 3D printer to fit the dog’s exact measurements.

“It is very rewarding seeing patients getting back to full work or just having fun with their owners again,”Dr Boys said.Best Nike SneakersMens Sneakers Online