Surprise Easter Bunny visit thrills


Easter came early for staff and pupils at Kakanui School on Thursday morning.

When principal Ann Roughan arrived at work about 7:30am, she discovered a note and a single Easter egg outside the door of the school’s classroom.

“It said ‘children and staff, please share equally’, and was signed KEB, which must have been the Kakanui Easter Bunny,” she said.

She wondered how all of the school’s staff and more than 20 pupils would be able to share one egg, until she saw what was lying around on the school’s field and playground area.

“There was 300 small caramel eggs, 60 marshmallow eggs and 31 hollow rabbits … it was just amazing. I was like, ‘oh my gosh, they’re everywhere’ … it was a fantastic way to start the day.

“We were all really excited. The kids were running around looking at them. We went out and filled a tub of Easter eggs, so we’re going to eat them throughout the day [Thursday].”

While the eggs were a very special treat, Mrs Roughan had no idea who the mysterious Kakanui Easter Bunny was.

She said she called a former office staff member, who denied her involvement, as well as a member of the Kakanui Ratepayers Association and the school’s board of trustees chairperson, who both said they had nothing to do with it.

However, Mrs Roughan said one parent of a child at the school heard something on the radio about a lucky school being given an Easter treat.

She said no other school she contacted had Easter eggs lying around, and those schools were rather envious.

Children at the school have their own theory about who the mystery egg donor is, however.

“Some of the children said they saw three rabbits on the way to school, so it must have been them.”

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