Treasures . . . Observatory Village activities assistant Jenny Allan (left) and villa resident Nancy Wilson both had work on display for the retirement village's Festival of Talent. PHOTO: RUBY HEYWARD

Intravenous stands are not just for medicine.

As Observatory Village activities assistant Jenny Allan discovered last week, they are handy to display arts and crafts.

From July 26 to 30, the retirement village held a Festival of Talent, showcasing art and crafts made by residents from its villas, apartments and rest-home.

everything from jewellery, beadwork, quilts, cross-stitch, crochet and dresses, to claywork, paintings, woodwork and pieces made by the Knit and Natter group, which is led by Mrs Allan.

The festival was not just a chance to celebrate resident’s treasures, it was an opportunity to look at old technologies and skills that had become obsolete over the years.

The village hosted regular visits from St Joseph’s School and Ardgowan School pupils, and last week was no different. Activities manager Carole Wood said the festival gave the children an opportunity to learn about bygone skills and talk to the people behind them.

By doing so, the children were able to see older people in a different light, Ms Wood said.

Having run an art gallery in Dunedin for many years with her husband, Alan, resident Nancy Wilson helped Mrs Allan organise last week’s event.

Some of the items on display were made long ago and kept safe by families, and others were more recent work.

“Most residents are still working on their craft,” Mrs Wilson said.

“Just because we are retired doesn’t mean we stop.”

The Wilsons had transformed the conservatory of their villa into a studio to carry on their love of painting.

Some items from the festival – including a table of paintings made by the Wilsons – were for sale, and all proceeds would go to St John.

“Living in a rest-home, there will be a day or time in the future they will need to use [an ambulance],” Mrs Allan said.

Ms Wood hoped to hold the festival regularly.