Hands-on . . . Te Pari Products' United States representative Brian Siekman (left), brand ambassador Baxter Black (third from left), and sales and marketing director Jeremy Blampied (right) discuss drenching options with a customer at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Trade Show in Phoenix, Arizona, last month.

A business based in Oamaru is supplying animal handling and husbandry products to the United States.

Te Pari Products has expanded its export trade to the extent that it has established an office in Nebraska, staffed by local feedlots and sales specialist Brian Siekman.

“In New Zealand, Te Pari is a retailer,” marketing co-ordinator Andries du Plooy told the Oamaru Mail

“In the Australia and the United States, we sell through dealership networks. We have employed people permanently to basically manage the channel that we sell into.

“In Australia, it’s sheep and animal management equipment.

“The US is not a big sheep country. It has less than 10million sheep. Farming there is animal management.”

That is where Te Pari’s products come in – weighing and data-capturing gear, including the world-leading electronic dosing gun that won the Grassroots Innovation Award at the 2014 Mystery Creek Fieldays.

RFID (radio frequency identification) is becoming increasingly popular worldwide for gathering information about livestock. Te Pari’s animal handling equipment has an electronic panel built into it that can read the tags and identify each animal, so farmers can track its history and manage its growth rate and health.

“The electronic dosing gun integrates with the weighing system. The machine captures the animal, the scale indicator weighs the animal and calculates the exact dosage and then communicates with the gun, which then dispenses the exact amount of dose,” Mr du Plooy said.

That avoided common problems caused by giving each animal a standard dose – the larger ones would be under-dosed, potentially leading to developing resistance, and smaller ones would be overdosed.

Te Pari’s signature drench gun stands out at the trade show. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The dosing gun also avoided wasting expensive medication.

“Medicine application and dosing can be ridiculously complicated. Te Pari has created this dosing gun and a variety of barrels to be extremely precise.

“Te Pari gives farmers the tools to manage their animals and their business better and make their day-to-day labour easier. It’s a one-man operation because the machines handle the animal.

“You can work faster and easier with less strain on your body.”

Te Pari also makes manual drench guns for the US market.

The animal pharmaceuticals market was “huge” in the US.

“The pharmaceuticals push their product, but it only works optimally if administered correctly. The applicator is key to that. We supply it.”

Te Pari had patented its digital dosing gun, and its research and development team was constantly seeking to improve its products and create new ones, Mr du Plooy said.

The company’s co-owner and sales and marketing director Jeremy Blampied spent six months in the US in 2016-17 to form relationships with equipment dealers and the animal pharmaceutical sector.

Te Pari has collaborated with the US makers of market-leading animal crush brand Moly Manufacturing, which now recommends and sells Te Pari animal scales and dosing guns as add-ons to its own equipment.

Mr Blampied has recently returned from the world’s biggest cattle trade show, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade Show in Phoenix, Arizona. Te Pari was part of the line-up, its drench gun displayed in a giant inflated replica.

The company also has a dealership in Uruguay for the South American market.

“We are selling all over the world,” Mr du Plooy said.

“We just had a guy in Abu Dhabi who bought a crush. He sent us photos of it in the desert.

“We also have a new dealership setting up in Russia.

The fact the products were Kiwi-made was an advantage internationally, he said. New Zealanders were known as farming champions.Running sneakersOfficial Look: Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Grinch”