Tell the world the places you think are special


Of the estimated 7.7 billion people around the world, New Zealanders are among the first to witness the sun rise each day.

And Tourism New Zealand is encouraging Kiwis to share their welcome to the new day as part of its new campaign – “Good Morning World”.

The campaign features videos from all over New Zealand and, as well as promoting tourism operators, everyday people are encouraged to send in their stories, too.

Tourism Waitaki marketing and media manager Lisa Smith is encouraging Waitaki people to get involved in the promotion and showcase the district.

“It does not need to be people who are involved in tourism. The whole point of it is showing people who are thinking about coming to New Zealand something that they wouldn’t see in a guide,” Mrs Smith said.

“There might be a childhood spot at All Day Bay that someone thinks ‘this is me, this is my spot’.

“We have some cracking spots throughout the district – there will be some amazing spots no-one [else] has ever seen.”

Getting local people involved and showcasing Waitaki to the rest of the country, and the world, was a great opportunity for the district, she said.

“I just want people to see what the locals think is really special.”

Mrs Smith said one of her favourite places to welcome in the day was the Waitaki Valley – and she thought the Tourism New Zealand’s campaign, using everyday New Zealanders, was “really clever”.

“Instead of just showing the static features of the landscape and the mountains .. it is the people who make something special.

“We have got some really cool people here in the Waitaki and I think we should get creative with it.”

Tourism New Zealand releases one “Good Morning World” video each day on its social media channels – and 150 spots were open to the public.

Mrs Smith said she would love to see locals making videos showing their special perspective on life in the North Otago region to the more than four million followers Tourism New Zealand has across its social media channels.

Fleur Sullivan, from Fleur’s Place in Moeraki, and Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony science and environmental manager Dr Philippa Agnew have shared their own good morning messages, which have been featured and shared to the world.

How to do it

Tourism New Zealand has released an instructional video on how to take part in the campaign.–

Step one: Say “good morning, world” from an “epic spot”.

Step two: Say what you are doing this morning.

Step three: Wish the world a good day.

Step four: Share the video on social media using the hashtag #goodmorningworldnz

Source: Tourism New Zealandurl clone【国内12月19日発売予定】ニューバランス M1300 JP V (M1300JPV) – スニーカーウォーズ