The year on Fraser Farm


New scholarships for Waitaki Boys’ High School

This has been a year of consolidation on Fraser Farm. During the course of the year pastures and fences have been renovated. Some of the rougher areas have been fenced and tidied up. Year 9 students on Activity Week built a lane behind the Back Field to link the North and South Farm. This will make
stock movement easier when the students are not available.
An exciting innovation for 2016 was the introduction of the Fraser Farm Scholarships. These three scholarships of $3000 each are available to year 9 boys coming into the hostel in 2017.
The year 11 Agriculture class from Waitaki Girls’ High School has been attending practical sessions at Fraser Farm. Most of the students achieved unit standards in basic tractor and ATV driving and temporary electric fencing, ably assisted by the year 12 boys. Hopefully this co-operation between the two
schools will extend into 2017.
Fraser Farm has been participating in an AgResearch field trial looking at the effects of introducing worms into existing pastures. Monthly readings of dry matter production are taken on both farms. These will be correlated with results from throughout New Zealand at the end of the trial. It is a great
opportunity for the students to participate in a scientific trial and start to learn scientific method.
Several of the international students have been involved in farm activities, including shearing and stock handling. These students are enthusiastic to learn new things and have brought a different dimension to farm activities.
Finally, the Fraser Farm sign on the side of the shearing shed was put up last week in time for shearing. This sign is designed to raise the profile of Fraser Farm within Waitaki Boys’ High School and the wider school community.
Thanks must go to the Fraser Farm Committee for their work over the year. Likewise, the farm managers, Murray Isbister and Ray Fox, who have given freely of their time and expertise. Thank you also to the many businesses and individuals who have supported Fraser Farm during the year with their
time and services.
Finally a thank you to the rector, Clive Rennie, for his support and encouragement. -Copy: SuppliedSports brandsUpdated Air Jordan Sneaker Releases for 2021