Small but perfectly formed . . . Heather Campbell holds the maple tree prunings containing the bird's best. PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

A tiny bird’s nest found in an Oamaru tree has bewitched and amazed the owner.

Heather Campbell had trees pruned last week on her large Forth St section. She found a small bird’s nest tucked into two branches of a maple tree.

It was empty, with no traces of eggshell.

Close-up . . . The nest has been fastened with hair between two branches. PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

The nest was affixed to the branches with what looked like hair, tied in the avian equivalent of an embroidery chain stitch.

The exterior of the nest showed fibres including the outside strip of a flax frond, snow grasses, and sphagnum moss.

Mrs Campbell said she had never seen such a tiny nest, and wondered which bird species had created it.

She wondered if a rifleman was responsible – she thought she had seen one in the woods at the top of her section.

Mrs Campbell brought the nest into the Oamaru Mail, hoping a reader could help answer her query. Then she took it to her Red Hat club meeting, so her fellow members could appreciate its petite perfection.Best Nike SneakersIdae