Perks of the job . . . Veterinary Centre Oamaru partner Sarah Boys (29) gets to handle the "Tiny Tigers" before they are ready for their new owners. PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

An Oamaru professional who looks young enough to be mistaken for a teenager is surging ahead in her career. Sally Brooker talks to new Veterinary Centre Oamaru partner Sarah Boys.

Q How long have you been in Oamaru?
This is my first job out of vet school. I’ve been here for six years.

Q Where did you grow up?
All over. We moved around a lot. My family’s now in Timaru and I went to high school there, at Craighead. Then I went to Massey University (the only place in New Zealand to study veterinary science).

Q Did you choose Oamaru to begin practising as a vet because you were already familiar with this part of the country?
I didn’t actually know much about Oamaru. It was a bit last-minute!

Q What sort of vet duties do you carry out?
I’m a small animal specialist. Most new graduates start in mixed practice (a combination of pets and farm livestock). Since my first two years, I’ve been specialising in small animals.

Q Why did you choose that aspect?
I like the fact that you can do really thorough medicine, and I like the relationship that people have with their pets. Recently, I’ve become the main orthopaedic surgeon. (Sarah featured in the Oamaru Mail in December, performing surgery on a dog’s cruciate ligament rupture – a new procedure offered at the clinic, involving inserting a titanium implant made by a 3D printer to fit exactly into a cut in the dog’s shin bone.)

Q Are you one of the younger vet partners around?
Probably. It was such a good opportunity – I was so excited to get the offer!

Q What are your interests outside of work?
Typically, I was quite into road cycling. I’ve been off it for a while – I had a back injury. I’ll get back into it soon. I also do painting.

Q What sort – art or walls?
Both sorts. I do art, but I’m also renovating a house. I bought a house at a good time; values have gone up. I wasn’t expecting that in Oamaru.

Q How long do you think you’ll be in Oamaru?
I’ll stay here. That’s the plan. I love it here. Why leave? I intend to be here for some time.jordan Sneakersnike