Volunteers urgently needed in Duntroon


Duntroon emgergency workers are dealing with a crisis due to a severe shortage of trained volunteers capable of attending fire and medical emergencies.

An open day held in April has generated some interest and Chief Fire Officer, David Eckhardt, is hopeful that dairy farming’s ‘Gypsy Day’ may mean new faces in the community to breathe life into a critical situation.

The brigade currently has seven operational members who are trained as first responders for both fire and medical alerts.

Three of these are leaving the brigade on June 1 which will only leave the remaining four, plus three other support members. Mr Eckhardt said ideally he would like 10-12 operational members.

New volunteers usually do six months with the brigade, followed by a two day first aid course and, to become fully trained as a fire fighter, a seven day recruitment course which includes the use of breathing apparatus, rolling hoses and safety.

“There is no age limit, but your heart has to be in it,” Mr Eckhardt said.

The brigade practises each Monday evening and is, he said, a very family-friendly organisation.

A recent community newsletter said that Duntroon was a vast area covering Doctor’s Creek to Jardine Road, and from Duntroon village to the top of the Dansey’s Pass.

It also said that firefighting and first aid are life skills that are never wasted, add to personal confidence and can be used in many settings.



SUPPORTING THEIR COMMUNITY: Duntroon Volunteer Fire Brigade members (back row, left to right) Michael Sullivan, Brittany Herrick, Toni Rapsey, Sandy Herrick, Hugo McDougall, Pam Hitchen, Jared Ross, Brooke Eckhardt. (Seated) David Eckhardt (Chief Fire Officer) and Doug Morris (Deputy Chief Fire Officer). Absent: Peter Trusler and Alexia Trusler.

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