Chilly days over the next few weeks should not be indicative of the autumn outlook.

The temperature in the Waitaki district from March to May was likely to be slightly warmer than average, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research meteorologist Ben Noll said.

However, the next two weeks could bring a few cooler days, Mr Noll said.

“A couple of cold snaps are on the cards for the next few weeks.

“But that may not be what dominates the three month period as a whole.

“There will be frosts and chilly spells – that’s what happens in autumn in New Zealand.”

Normal rainfall was expected, he said.

“This is the time of year we move in to wetter periods for much of the country. In fact no part of New Zealand is expected to have a dryer-than-normal autumn.”

Warm sea temperatures across New Zealand was the main reason for the warmer outlook, Mr Noll said.

That also meant the possibility of the country being affected by sub-tropical cyclones bringing heavy rain, although the North Island would bear the brunt of those, he said.

According to Niwa data, the average temperature for the Waitaki district was 14.9deg this summer, slightly cooler than the 30-year average of 15.1deg.

The rainfall over the summer period was 167mm, more than the average of 134mm.Nike sneakersTHE SNEAKER BULLETIN