Help us to help you . Waitaki Newcomers Network co-ordinator Christine Dorsey is keen to boost the new online directory. PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

A website listing all clubs and groups in Waitaki is taking shape.

Waitaki Newcomers Network co-ordinator Christine Dorsey has compiled an online directory to help everyone find like-minded people.

Through her contact with new arrivals in the district, Mrs Dorsey found many were keen to join local groups but struggled to find out about them if they were not advertised.

“One of the newcomers, Ruth Dickson, was especially keen to see the site up and running and was full of encouragement and support to launch into creating the site,” Mrs Dorsey said.

“So the Waitaki Multicultural Council agreed that I should go ahead and create a website. Then I applied to the Community Trust of Otago, who kindly supported this project and gave us $3000 towards the project, and Niamh and Andrew Tomes created the site.

“Then came the very time-consuming task of loading on all the information.”

The Citizens Advice Bureau community directory, which Mrs Dorsey said was “a great asset and one I personally use often”, catered for those who did not use computers. The new directory was aimed at those who wanted to find information online.

“The website will continue to be developed as more clubs and groups make contact. I ask that people check if their group is listed on the site and if the details are correct.

“I would love to hear from new groups that have been recently established and would like some promotion.”

A representative should email her at with details. Groups that supply an email would be contacted three times a year and reminded to check their details.

“The site has the potential to be a great way of advertising for volunteers,” Mrs Dorsey said.

“All newcomers who contact our service fill out an enrolment form which asks them about their interests. I am amazed by the number of people who tick volunteering as something they want to do.

“We have a resource of enthusiastic people here, who need contacted with the groups requiring the volunteers. This site will link the two.”

It can be found at Access and listings are free.Running Sneakers StoreNIKE AIR HUARACHE