The annual Weston Playcentre Big Wheels fundraiser is rolling ahead once again.

Running for its eighth year in a row, this Sunday’s fundraiser helped keep the playcentre’s doors open, but it was about much more than raising money, Weston Playcentre grants officer Abby Bruwer said.

“We try to keep our fees minimal to support families because we want to create a village,” Mrs Bruwer said.

Big Wheels helped achieve that for the centre that acted as “an extension of home” and support network.

Secretary Louisa Beaumont said it was “such a cool environment for our kids”.

The playcentre was parent-led, allowing Mrs Beaumont to play with her children, interact with other mums and “do life together”.

Mrs Bruwer said it was a great space for mental health support and mothers struggling with post-natal depression.

“We’re all in the same boat.”

President Candy Hamilton said it was a good way to meet other mothers and for children to meet others the same age.

“It’s nice to see the kids learning and growing, but at kindy you wouldn’t see that,” Mrs Hamilton said.

“Now I look at my children in a different way and

Last year, the fundraiser accounted for 16% of the centre’s operational costs, and money raised went towards replacing its back windows.

But it was not just the playcentre rallying to put on great day.

The wider community was always happy to help, and willing to offer their vehicles for use on the day.

“Everyone donates their time, their vehicles, and petrol,” Mrs Beaumont said.

Children of all ages would get the chance to hop on wacky vehicles and go for a spin at the Weston Playcentre Big Wheels Day.

There would be a rally car, rural fire trucks, a spider motorbike, and a monster truck, among other vehicles.

For any parents needing a break and hoping to enjoy the live music and food, the playcentre will host a tent to look after children aged up to 6.

Also on offer is the Oamaru Library’s Wriggle and Rhyme active movement programme, for children aged up to 2.

“Get ready to have a fantastic time and see the world through your kid’s eyes for the day,” Mrs Bruwer said.

Weston Playcentre Big Wheels Day will be held at the Oamaru Racecourse from 11am to 3pm on Sunday.