What’s with this quiz night malarkey?


Hey, do you guys know Wagon Wheel?

Sometimes the week before a column is due I have a total blank about what to write about – people can only take so much of the adventures of Hank the pound mutt and Janis the passive aggressive rabbit.

A couple of times, I have thrown it out there in Facebook land for ideas for column subjects.

This week, I had some interesting suggestions – and I am using none of them.

It is a helpful process, however – so please don’t stop sending me potentially terrible column topics. No, I won’t be writing about the song Wagon Wheel – written by Bob Dylan back in 1973 (well the chorus was, anyway). It was then recorded by Old Crow Medicine Show with added verses, written by band member Ketch Secor nearly three decades after the original’s, and over played by many many car stereos and cover bands for 15 years (yes, I was part of this epidemic).

It was suggested by multiple Facebookers, but it’s time to move on, just as we moved on from American Pie and The Gambler

Moving on to the topic of quiz nights.

Why do people love them so much?

I want to be one of those people, but I’ve got to say they stress me out a little bit.

Don’t we have enough stress in our lives?

People who like problem solving games are peculiar to me. Some people just love the challenge – and love to be right.

I ask myself: will this affect my my life in any way? No.

Do I care what the answer is? No.

Do I feel the need to always be right? No.

I prefer to be the quizmaster. Things are much easier when you have the answers on a piece of paper.

If you are one of those people who loves a quiz night, head along to the Weston Hall on April 27.

There’s a quiz night fundraising for the Weston Fire Brigade and its Sky Tower Stair Challenge efforts. I’m the quizmaster and it’ll be a great night out.

Oh, and next time you are in a quiz team and a question comes up about Wagon Wheel, you can thank me for giving you the kind of information that will only ever be useful in a general knowledge quiz.Asics shoesNike Air Max 270