We did it! . . . Oamaru songwriter Valemma Wright (centre), her Canadian friend Lorna Eastman who helped with the lyrics and rhythm, and singer Cameron Barclay celebrate at the Global Peace Song Awards in Los Angeles. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Valemma Wright’s motto has served her well: “Be realistic – expect a miracle”.

She has indeed landed one, winning two international awards for the first song she has ever written.

Wright was in Los Angeles to collect the honours at the Global Peace Song Awards on September 21 – United Nations World Peace Day.

Her song Peace to the World was sung live by tenor Cameron Barclay in the “classical, opera, a cappella” category. It won both the People’s Choice Award and the Social Media Award.

“Many who attended the awards ceremony, and of course all of us who were there in support of Peace to the World, remarked on how Cameron Barclay’s singing Peace to the Worldat the ceremony was the true highlight of the whole evening and event – which was supported by many of the people attending who came up to us and let us know this is how they felt,” Wright said.

Wright has been a specialist in frequency medicine for the past 30 years. She uses a machine pioneered by German professor Reinhard Voll to measure the frequencies of human cells, in a treatment now called EAV – Electroacupuncture According to Voll.

Having been computerised in 2008, the device scans every cell and corrects imbalances.

Wright said every thought and word also had a frequency.

“The words ‘love’, ‘peace’ and ‘compassion’ have a higher frequency. It’s measurable.”

Her song grew from concerns about Isis creating tension across the world. She would wake at 5.30am every morning “with words downloading”.

“They were just there. I wrote them down as a group of words.

“I didn’t know anything about songwriting.”

Wright was ecstatic to secure Barclay as the singer, after he returned to New Zealand from performing with the Ten Tenors.

“I was over the moon. His was the best voice for the frequency.”

She said that frequency and his “heartfelt rendition” at the awards ceremony was “so very beautiful”.

“Social media cannot possibly capture the depth of feeling and absolute gift of the wonderful essence of all that Cameron embodies and shares, uplifting Peace to the World and the joy we all experience in the hearing of it.

“Surely many, many blessings will come to Cameron in his career and life – given all he is and the depth of his sharing.”

Wright was spending time with friends and family in North America before coming home. Her daughter, Oamaru artist Donna Demente, attended the ceremony then travelled to Iceland.

“Donna is wanting to write my book – asking for a crescendo for the finale of the story, which I hope the success of Peace to the World will provide. However, my friends in LA and Victoria are already threatening a movie script.”buy shoes30 Winter Outfit Ideas to Kill It in 2020 – Fashion Inspiration and Discovery