Child's play . . . Daniela Zavallone Messeri checks out some of the items at the North Otago Toy Library. PHOTO: EMILY MENKES

Daniela Zavallone Messeri is a new face at the North Otago Toy Library. Emily Menkes pops in for a chat.

Q How long has the toy library been around?
I think it’s been here two or three years. I joined the toy library a couple of months ago. I’m quite happy here – it’s a very fun job.

Q How long have you been in Oamaru?
I’ve been here a couple of years. I moved to New Zealand from Italy about five years ago with my husband. And one year ago we had a baby. She is a little girl walking around now!

Q What made you become a toy librarian?
For my first few months here, I never saw the toy library because it was always closed. Then my friends told me to come here to hire toys for my baby. We found it and they also told me that they were looking for a new librarian and I thought “why not?” I am an IT specialist normally, so it’s not my area of expertise, but it’s about helping the community.

Q What’s your favourite part of the job?
Talking with the people, and I really enjoy playing with other babies. It’s not a really hard job – it’s quite fun.
People come here to hire toys, so no-one is really stressed when they come here. It’s really just fun.

Q What’s next for the toy library? Anything exciting coming up?
It’s fun every day, and we have some ideas for the future, but we can’t get excited yet.

Q What are your interests outside of work?
I love playing with my baby, starting project management and I really enjoy exploring this town. The beach, normally – but maybe not so much at the moment.

Q What was the last movie you really loved?
I love all Marvel movies – all of them. Especially Thor. The character [Chris Hemsworth] is quite nice! I think he’s Australian – he’s pretty nice.

Q What would you do if you were prime minister for a day?
I would ask everybody to open their shops for longer. I think we should have more big parties. I think it’d be really good to have a big party in the middle of the road here – it would be really good for the community. We have so many nice things here, and we should celebrate it more.

Q How long do you think you’ll stay in Oamaru?
I don’t know yet. We’ll see how it goes! I think Oamaru has a lot to share with other people so, for now, I am happy here.Sports brandsNike Air Max 270