Court hears of conversation after death


The High Court in Dunedin yesterday heard from a close confident of murder accused Steven Boskell of what he said was a conversation about the death just hours after it happened.

The court heard of text messages between Khan Frew and Boskell.

Mr Frew told Crown counsel Andrew McRae he was ”close” to Boskell.

Frew read one of Boskell’s texts from the day after the death, which said something had happened which was ”more than a horror, g, I’ll break down saying it, g, but I f**ed up, g, murder, g”.

Asked what ‘g’ meant, Mr Frew said it was ”bro talk”.

Later that day, about 5pm, Mr Frew’s mother drove him from Windsor to pick Boskell up.

They drove back to Windsor, drank bourbon, and talked about  ”everything, anything”.

Asked if Boskell was showing any emotion, Mr Frew said: ”I can’t remember”.

Mr McRae referred him to a statement he gave police on September 13, 2013, and asked him again what Boskell’s emotions were.

”Upset,” Mr Frew responded.

Asked what he meant by that, Mr Frew responded ”upset”.

Boskell was also ”crying”.

Asked to elaborate, Mr Frew responded to questions with long silences, prompting Justice Gendall to tell him he was required to answer.

Asked again, he said he did not remember.

Mr McRae asked if he wanted to read his statement again to refresh his memory.

Mr Frew said he did not.

After an adjournment, Mr Frew said he knew Mr McFarlane, and agreed Mr Boskell told him he thought he had ”killed Spook” (Mr McFarlane).

Mr Frew agreed Boskell had said to him he had knocked on the door, Mr McFarlane let him in, then the other three defendants followed.

Boskell had told him he had hit Mr McFarlane with the fire poker, and after that he and Jacob Geary-Smart had left the house, while Ryan Geary-Smart and Cummings had stayed.

Mr Frew agreed with Boskell’s counsel John Westgate he and Boskell had been drinking and smoking marijuana before they discussed Mr McFarlane’s death.

Mr Frew agreed he may have got some of the details wrong.

Mr Westgate suggested Mr Boskell had not said he might have ”killed Spook”.

”I suggest what he said to you was ‘Spook’s been killed’, not ‘I think I have killed Spook’.”

Mr Frew agreed that was possible, and agreed he may have got much of the rest of the evidence wrong.

Mrs Stevens suggested to Mr Frew what Boskell told him was ”something you’ll never forget”.

Reading from his statement to the police, she told Mr Frew he had said Boskell told him ”I think I  have killed Spook”.

Mrs Stevens asked Mr Frew, given what a close friend of Boskell’s he was, whether he would  ”make up stuff against him”.

Mr Frew said he would not.

Mrs Stevens said in two statements he had given police, he told them Boskell said ”I think I have killed Spook”.

”It’s quite clear it’s not ‘Spook has died’ or something like that, it’s ‘I think I have killed Spook’.”

Mr Frew agreed.

He also agreed Boskell’s information was the only information he had on the event at the time.trace affiliate linkCheap Wholesale Nike Shoes,wholesale Nike Jordan Shoes,cheap Nike Air Max Shoes,wholesale China