Man to appear in court following Orwell St crash


The man whose drink-driving actions caused an Oamaru couple’s lives to be turned upside down will be appearing in the Oamaru District Court today.

Oamaru freezing worker Joshua Scott Gordon, 22, will be appearing on one charge of driving with an excess breath alcohol level of 950mcg causing injury and another charge of reckless driving causing injury following a car accident on August 2.

Oamaru residents Paul and Louise Daley were injured and their house severely damaged after the car Mr Gordon was driving crashed through a bedroom and into the lounge of their house on the corner of Humber St and Orwell St.

Mrs Daley said she is not sure how she feels about Mr Gordon appearing in court today but regardless of the outcome it will give some finality to the situation which caused her to be off work for nearly 11 weeks and had left the couple temporarily homeless.

“I have no control over what’s going to happen.

“The judge will do what she believes is justly right to do.”

Mrs Daley said she was pleased to have been given clearance to go back to work starting from today although she will be in court for the hearing so will possibly return the following day.

The Daleys were able to move back home last month following extensive repairs to their home as well as having to buy new furniture.

While she is grateful for everyone’s help, Mrs Daley said she still found it hard being there because of fear it would happen again.

“I’m still very jumpy.”

Many of the couple’s possessions were destroyed, which has been hard to get used to.

“It’s strange, like you are living in someone else’s house.”

On August 22, in order to improve safety following the crash, the Waitaki District Council put up a tyre wall outside the property.


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