More sheep killed in Ngapara


More sheep have been killed in Ngapara during an attack overnight on Sunday, taking the death toll up to at least 210.

Oamaru Police announced yesterday evening that at least 15 sheep were killed on another farm in the Ngapara area, not far from where 195 sheep were shot more than a week ago.

However, the senior investigating officer on the case, Detective Warren Duncan, said it was too early to say how they died.

Janine Stackhouse, owner of the farm where the 195 sheep were killed on the weekend of June 21-22, said she had only just found out about the latest attack.

Police were still continuing with their investigation of her property, she said.

Federated Farmers North Otago past-president and a former meat and fibre delegate Ross Ewing said it was absolutely shocking to hear of another attack.

“That’s just madness. I’m lost for words.

“It’s very sad news.”

Police are investigating and conducting a scene examination at the property where the latest incident took place.

Detective Duncan said it was too soon to comment on how the sheep died or whether their deaths were linked to the incident on the Stackhouses’ farm.

While both events were unusual, he appreciated they would be creating a high level of concern within the Ngapara community.

“If locals have concerns about their property security, then please contact Oamaru Police for advice and support.

“Our general advice is, as much as possible, to be vigilant about securing your property and stock and to keep an eye out for any suspicious vehicles or people in your area.

“Talk to your neighbours and look out for each other.”

Police want to hear from anyone who saw suspicious vehicles or people in the area of Crown Hill, Conlans Rd and Peaks Rd overnight on Sunday.

“While we’ve already received some good information, we’re still working to piece together what’s behind these events and as such, we’re keen to hear from anyone that might have information that could help us.”

Anyone with information on either incident can phone Detective Duncan confidentially on 03 433 1416.

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