Ngapara sheep shooter ‘pure evil’


The person who shot nearly 200 sheep in Ngapara last weekend is “pure evil”, Federated Farmers North Otago past-president Ross Ewing says.

Seventy sheep were found with gunshot wounds last Saturday morning and a further 110 from the same mob were found to have been shot on Sunday morning at a farm on Conlans Rd in Ngapara.

Mr Ewing, who is also Federated Farmers North Otago past-meat and fibre delegate, said he had not heard of anything of this magnitude happening before throughout the country.

“It’s most unusual and most disturbing.

“I find it very upsetting that we have such a person or people in our community.”

He had heard of incidents in other parts of the country where someone has shot an animal for meat but this situation is “absolutely shocking” and the person who did this is “pure evil”, Mr Ewing said.

“Words can’t describe how sick it is.”

Any death of an animal is devastating to its owners but for Peter and Janine Stackhouse to drive around their paddock and see this many sheep slaughtered two days in a row would have been awful, he said.

“There’s nothing worse than going out and seeing your own animals dead.

“This is, in my opinion, very distressing to farmers.”

It would have also had an impact on the Ngapara community who must be wondering what else this person would get up to, he said.

Neighbouring farmer Ross McCulloch said the community wanted to see some action, as nobody knew what was going on.

“We don’t know if it’s going to be us next.

“If we knew who it was, we’d take action to make sure our stock are safe.”

Oamaru Police are continuing their inquiries and have spent the last week trying to piece together what has occurred.

Detective Warren Duncan said they were still trying to determine the specific circumstances and there did not appear to be an obvious motive.

“This is an unusual event because so many sheep were killed and there is no evidence that any of them were intended to be stolen or slaughtered for meat.

“We have received some good information from members of the public which we are following up on.”

Anyone with information that may help with the case can contact Detective Duncan confidentially on 433 1416.


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