Unsolved crimes climb in Ngapara


The weekend shooting of 180 sheep on a Ngapara farm is the latest in a list of mysterious crimes to have happened in the rural area during the past 40 years..

“The crimes over the last 40 years are vastly different to what occurred at the weekend and while it took place in the Ngapara area we feel it’s not related to the f40 years of damage we are still investigating,” Community Constable Bruce Dow said.

Crimes in the Ngapara area, which is inland from Oamaru have included arson of cow sheds, electric fences being destroyed, tractors being filled with carborundum (a paste as hard as diamonds), air cleaners being damaged, stock being stolen or killed, thefts, forests torched. N- one has been prosecuted for these offences.

The latest crime before the sheep killing was damage to tractors in June last year.

Constable Dow said the person or persons committing these crimes had to know what they were doing and were familiar with the area.

“The person who has committed these crimes must have a fair idea of what they are doing and the area itself, because back in 1992 we had a tractor air filter which had five nail holes in it, resulting in dust getting to the engine and wrecking the tractor.

“The person who did this must have known exactly where the filter was and how much damage five small nail holes can do.”

Farm owner Peter Stackhouse whose sheep were slaughtered in the weekend shooting said he is unsure whether he will replace the stock.

“I haven’t even really thought about what I’m going to do yet. It will cost me a bit of money so I’m unsure whether or not I will replace the crop of sheep.”

Mr Stackhouse said he is grateful for is the media support.

“I’m not much of a media person but thought I had better go to them about this and hopefully the publicity will help bring about a result,” he said.

Detective Warren Duncan said police have not received any further leads and want anyone with information to come forward.

“We have nothing new to report and are relying on anyone who knows something to help us out.”


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