Camping ground getting too big for volunteer staff


“A managed transition would be better than waiting for the wheels to fall off” is how the Duntroon & District Development Association describes its concern over volunteers struggling to keep up with the demands of running the Duntroon Domain Camping Ground.

The association will raise this issue with the Waitaki District Council today as part of the Draft Annual Plan submission process.

Volunteers currently manage the running and maintenance of the camping ground and note in their submission that in the longer term, “council is prepared to continue to allow Community Managed Camps to function in this way”.

Mike Gray, secretary of the DDDA, said that the community has a limited number of willing volunteers and they would like to develop a strategy which will eventually see the camping ground leased to a private operator in the future.

“As the A20 Cycle Trail grows we see an opportunity for the private sector to develop a camping ground that will function at a professional level,” he said.

“This will meet the objectives of our association to ensure that the village amenities meet the needs of visitors, and will encourage people to stay in the local area.”

The association also said that the village toilets are old and need replacing.


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