Duntroon water turned off


Duntroon’s water supply was turned off yesterday in order to complete an integral part of a required drinking-water standards upgrade.

The upgrade is being done at an estimated cost of $110,000 in order to comply with the Drinking-water Standards amendment to the Health Act 1956.

Water quality issues have been an ongoing problem for Duntroon which draws its water from a shallow bore that is prone to contamination from surface water run-off.

Waitaki District Council water facilities engineer Michael Goldingham said the work completed yesterday included the installation of treatment gear including a UV unit and filter.

Having the water turned off for the day should not have been too much of a problem because Duntroon residents were required to have enough water stored to last three days, he said.

However, because it had been dry, it might have been an inconvenience.

The work, completed yesterday, was a major part of the upgrade project and the final touches should be completed in the next few weeks, Mr Goldingham said.

This will be followed by a month to check everything before it is completely finished.

To improve the quality of drinking water supplied throughout New Zealand, the Government introduced the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand. In 2008, the new Standards became mandatory for all councils.

To comply with the new standards, WDC is in the process of upgrading 21 of its 23 water supplies by 2016.

By Ruby HarfieldSports NewsTHE SNEAKER BULLETIN