Vanished World visitors a record


Things are looking bright for Vanished World.

It opened in the early 2000’s and has been a popular attraction ever since, but following this year’s high number of visitors Vanished World centre manager Alison Simpson said.

“When we first started out we had about 1000 people coming and that slowly increased, but this year I’d say we’ve had close to 7000-8000 people through the door and that is amazing for us,” she said.

“I think it’s the busiest we’ve ever been we were flat out every day, and it wasn’t only tourist, but it was also locals who had come up to visit.”

While people have been coming from far and wide to visit Vanished World Mrs Simpson didn’t feel as though it would be this popular.

“We never thought we’d get that many through, we expected a good amount to come through who were holidaying in the area, but people were also coming up from Oamaru which is great.”

Vanished World features a variety of different fossils from millions of years ago, as well as a new rock room which has proved incredibly popular since opening back in December.

“The rock room attracted plenty of interest which we are happy about,” ┬áMrs Simpson said.

The increased interest around Vanished has become more prominent after Mrs Simpson did a survey to see how people had heard about it.

“We just did a survey asking people where they heard about us, and why they decided to come visit and some of the answers were really pleasing.”

Word of mouth was a common answer, but so were brochures at accommodation places as well as posters.

Most people have now headed back to work, but Mrs Simpson is confident they will still get a good number of people through.

“Some take their holidays a lot later when it’s quieter and often head up to the lakes, so we expect some of those holiday-goers to stop in.Vanished World will continue to remain open for 7 days, and is always after more volunteers.
The new Blacksmiths in Duntroon is also handy addition to help get people into the area.

By Brayden Lindsay

PHOTO: SUPPLIED – Fenwick School children visit Vanished World in Duntroon on their way to camp in November. Vanished World experienced there biggest amount of visitors ever over the holiday Running shoes brandNike Shoes