Car shows the dangers of drink-driving


The dangers of drink-driving were brought home to students at St Kevin’s College yesterday.

Oamaru Police school community officer Carrie Hamilton visited the school and brought with her the car of 22-year-old Oamaru man Scott Addison, who was drink-driving and speeding when he crashed at 143km/h into a tree. The impact of the crash caused significant damage and killed him.

The car was donated to the police by the Addison family, who wanted to get across the dangers of drink-driving.

Senior Constable Hamilton said the trip to St Kevin’s had been a worthwhile experience. She will also visit the two other secondary schools in Oamaru.

“It has been quite a successful visit because I have been able to get across the visual factors of dangerous driving,” she said.

The point of Mrs Hamilton’s trip to the schools is to educate young people about the consequences of the fatal five – speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt, high risk driving behaviour, alcohol and dangerous driving.

“I’m here to show them the effects of the fatal five and what deadly damage they can have when driving.”

A board full of facts detailing what happened to Mr Addison was also available for the pupils to read.

Mrs Hamilton was pleased with the turn-out of pupils.

“It’s been good. They’ve had a few other things on but they’ve managed to come across and have a good look at the car and the information.”

St Kevin’s College pupil Maddie Lesquilliel, who’s only 14 and not yet old enough to drive, said it really hit home.

“It’s quite scary really the damage that can be done from one silly mistake.”

Sixteen-year-old Matthew Cullimore, who holds his learners’ licence, said the car was tough to view.

“It’s a real eye opener for us up-and-coming drivers and what we shouldn’t do behind the wheel.”

Mrs Hamilton and the car head to Waitaki Boys’ High School today and Waitaki Girls’ High School tomorrow.



HITTING HOME: from left Max Stewart, 16, Thomas Pickles, 15, Matthew Cullimore, 16, Raj Singh, 16, Sophie Brien, 13, and Maddie Lesquilliel, 14, look at the car driven by Scott Addison who died when he hit a tree at 143km/h due to driving drunk.

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