Checking marks online


It took all of 10 minutes after the results were released for St Kevin’s College pupil William Sunderland to jump online and check how he did.

He was only one of 100’s of year 11-13 high school pupils in Oamaru who did the same thing.

Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils from St Kevin’s College, Waitaki Boys’ High School and Waitaki Girls’ High School along with the rest of year 11-13 pupils throughout New Zealand were able to check their NCEA results when they were released online on Thursday.

NCEA exams were sat back in November, with the high schools holding the exams at the schools over a two-week period.

William Sunderland was one of many to hop online and check his NCEA results when they became available to view online.

“I jumped online pretty much straight away and had a look and thankfully I passed so I’m quite happy about that.”

He also text around many of his mates asking the same question.

“Most of them passed, but some of them have been unable to check because they have lost their passwords, so they’re waiting a few days for it all to die down before they call NZQA,” he said.

After passing level one in 2013 and level 2 in 2014, like many other pupils in his year at high schools in North Otago, he now has his sights set on mastering level 3.

“Hopefully I can pass it, but we will just have to see how it goes. Thankfully, you can take some credits over, so that makes it a bit easier.”

The principals at Oamaru’s three high schools were unable to be reached for comment.

Pupils will receive their exams in the mail over the coming weeks.

By Brayden Lindsay

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