Duntroon big mover in decile ratings


North Otago’s three secondary schools stay much the same in the latest decile ratings, while Duntroon School has gone from a five to a nine in the latest figures released by the Ministry of Education.

Of the 22 schools in the North Otago region, seven schools have increased their ratings, five have decreased and 10 have had no change at all to their decile rating.

These figures are based on socio-economic data gathered in the census and therefore impact on how much funding schools are allocated.

Increasing in decile is seen as a positive way in attracting pupils to the school and giving the school better image, however it means they receive less state funding.

Duntronn School, a small country school with 74 pupils now faces this situation.

Duntroon principal Rodney McLellan said it was a bit disappointing to see the latest results.

“The new results show we now will have to cut about $6000 out of our school expenditure each year, giving us less money to play with.”

Schools weren’t informed of the changes they had received in the decile system until they were told by the ministry, and Mr McLellan said the increase is surprising.

“I’m a little perplexed where the ratings come from and how we managed to jump four spots, it’s certainly an interesting one.”

Mr McLellan said the school would assess their options and have to find the best way to save funds.

“We need to sit down and work out how we will save that much money, some things might have to go, we’re unsure yet.”

Waitaki Valley School are one of the winners in the latest decile ratings released them dropping from a 10 to an eight giving them up about $5500 extra each year.

Waitaki Valley School principal Helen Blick said the drop in decile ratings was pleasing.

“It’s a positive result for the school because all schools are after extra funding and the drop gives us this.”

Mrs Blick felt the decile 10 rating the school had for the last 10 years was too high.

“We didn’t feel we should’ve been a decile 10 rating and are really happy with the outcome.”

Mrs Blick said it’s likely they will use the extra funding to fund learning for children at the School.

Decile changes 2014 to 2015

(The new decile rating with the change up or down)

Ardgowan School (6, -1), Duntroon School (9, +4), East Otago High School (6, +1), Fenwick School (6, no change), Five Forks School ( 9, -1), Glenavy School (7, -2) Hampden School (4, -1), Kakanui School (5, +1), Maheno School (6, +1), Oamaru Intermediate School (5, no change), Oamaru North School (4, no change), Omarama School (7, +1), Palmerston School (6, no change) Papakaio School (9, +1), Pembroke School (3, no change), St Joseph’s School (6, no change), St Kevin’s College ( 7, no change), Totara School (6, no change), Waitaki Boys’ High School (6, no change), Waitaki Girls’ High School (6, no change), Waitaki Valley School (8, -2), Weston School (7, +1)


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