Old boys continue to support WBHS


The Waitaki Boys’ High School Old Boys’ Association will continue to support the school, president Russell Gawn says.

This comes after a meeting was scheduled with the Ministry of Education and the board of trustees after the Ministry decided there was a lack of confidence in the governance of the school.

Mr Gawn said as an old boys’ association they are not privy to the information given to the board but will continue in their role of supporting the school.

“We will support the school and hope it all works itself out.

“We’re focusing on assisting the school in anyway we can.

“As to what’s going on, it really needs to be sorted out by the correct means.”

The Ministry of Education confirmed last week that it will be holding a meeting tonight with the Waitaki Boys’ High School board of trustees to decide how the school will be governed in the immediate future.

The decision of statutory intervention was made by the Ministry after it was decided there was a lack of confidence in the governance of the school.

The Ministry has two options available: first, would be for the board of trustees to remain but specific governance responsibilities are delegated to an appointee.

The second option is that the ministry appoints a commissioner, who will replace the board of trustees and take over responsibility for governing the school on behalf of the Crown.

Serious concerns were raised by the Ministry about the administration and management of the school during a meeting in May and an investigation into the school was completed by independent consultant Cleave Hay in June.

Following this, several recommendations were made, many of which were due to have been completed by the board of trustees by September 30.

Board chairman Garry McLeod said, on Tuesday, that all recommendations should have been completed but he could not confirm this until the board had consulted and looked over the information.


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